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The Yuwie community is essentially a network marketing program that is

designed, if understood properly, to earn you some significant cash while doing

the very things you enjoy doing online. Chatting and meeting new people. Yuwie

pays you based on how many times you get people to view your profile, in other

words, Yuwie pays you on what is called "Page Views." When a page is viewed in

your profile, Yuwie keeps counts and cuts checks based on what this number is.

So what actually counts as a page view?

In order for you to make money, you should understand what counts as a page

view (page views are what we make money on.) When anyone views any of

following in your profile you get 1 page view each time:

- Your main profile

- View all of your friends

- View all of your comments

- Any of your blog pages

- Any of your videos

- Any pictures you have in your picture pages

^Video Feed Number (One)^
"Welcome Video."

^Video Feed Number (Two)^
"Getting Paid."

^Video Feed Number (Three)^
"Yuwie And Referrals."

The brilliant part of why this is so lucrative is due to the fact that Yuwie will pay

you for the Page Views of not only yourself but as well for the Page Views of all

your friends. The reason for this is simple. You're the one who is spreading the

word about Yuwie, you are the one who is doing all the promoting and in turn

Yuwie is able to attract big advertisers based on the size of the Yuwie community.

Yuwie in turn says thank you for bringing all these people into our community

and for that I would like to pay you for it.

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